a ‘miranda may’ lipstick created by charlotte tilbury

hope you could be safe and ok and wishing you a happy sunday and weekend πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌ here is a post to share and note a bit about a truely favourite lipstick i bought just a couple of years ago (in 2018) for the first time, and often wear both as a lipstick and a light blusher on cheeks and for a lot of different kinds of occasions, and hope post could be helpful ! the lipstick is called 'miranda may' and was created by charlotte tilbury (@charlottetilbury) an amazingly gifted make up artist, who also has a beautiful and carefully made beauty care and skin care range with a lot of different kinds of make up in beautiful colours. the 'miranda may' lipstick is noted to be a 'bright coral pink matte' lipstick created inspired by miranda kerr (a colour which could help to go a lot with her beautiful and often tanned skin colour and bright blue eyes) and light and dreamy coral pink sunsets of malibu beach and bondi beach in australia, where miranda is from. it is also noted to be one of charlotte tilbury's best selling lipsticks, and is a part of her 'hot lips' lipstick collection, a lovely collection of lipsticks in 12 shades, inspired by 12 of charlotte's friends.

favourite natural beauty care from the body shop

wishing you a happy wednesday and here is a post to share and note a bit about just a couple of favourite natural beauty care (make up) products from the body shop i enjoy using a lot and could always repurchase ! a couple of the products include a face powder called all in one face base i often use each day as a light base and foundation, and natural lipsticks from the body shop i love so much and also use often each day πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ i hope the post could be helpful in case you could love natural beauty care and make up products by the body shop a lot too, or could maybe be hoping to try one of the products noted.