June favourites

Happy tuesday every one and hope your week is going ok πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈ here is a post to share just a couple of natural beauty care, skin care and other kinds of favourites for the month of july and hope the post could be helpful πŸ•Š a couple of the favourite things noted include a soft white jumper from trenery (@trenery) just bought in a knitwear sale as it is early winter where i am from, a sensitive face cleansing gel by sukin skin care, an organic rosehip oil also by sukin skin care and a noni glow face oil by KORA Organics i had a free sample of from an earlier natural skin care order and enjoy carefully using a lot just before bed.


A couple more natural skin care products by sukin australia

Here is a post to share a bit about just a couple more natural skin care products by sukin australia a safe and affordable natural skin care brand who are based in australia and create lovely natural skin care products of a high quality πŸ•Š a couple of the natural skin care products by sukin australia include a cleansing gel for sensitive skin and a certified organic rosehip oil 🌸 i bought both of the natural skin care products from health post as a cream cleanser by KORA Organics, a rosehip cleansing oil by trilogy products, a natural face oil by l'elu skin care and an organic rosehip oil by trilogy products i had been using are all just about run out.

A rosehip cleansing oil by trilogy

Here is a post about a gentle rosehip cleansing oil by trilogy natural products, a natural and eco friendly beauty care brand who are based in NZ (where I am from) πŸ•Š I bought a rosehip cleansing oil a couple of weeks ago with a couple of other natural rose and sensitive skin care products, and use the rosehip cleansing oil each day 🌸 the rosehip cleansing oil is one of the most gentle, beautiful and thorough cleansers I have used, and does an excellent job in carefully cleansing the skin, removing make up and helping skin to feel soft and looked after.

KORA Organics cream cleanser

I just bought a couple of cream cleansers from beautiful KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr to try, as I had not tried the cleansers before and had just run out of a cleanser at home πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈΒ the cream cleansers come in beautiful light blue, green packaging with a white lid, which has a rose gold rim. The cleansers are also noted to be suitable for suitable for dry skin, and although my skin is quite sensitive the cream cleanser feels so lovely to use in the winter as the weather is a bit cooler and can be a bit drying on the skin.

Neutrogena naturals face cleanser

I have been using the purifying face cleanser by Neutrogena naturals for a couple of years now and the cleanser is the one I use most often, both in the morning and evening. The purifying face cleanser is gentle and reliable, helps to gently remove make up and cleanse the skin, and could hopefully be found at your local shop or supermarket πŸƒ