A couple more natural beauty care products by lush

wishing you a happy monday and hope you had a good weekend πŸ•Š here is a post to share just a couple more natural beauty care products created by lush i bought just a couple of weeks ago, to help to protect and look after hair as much as possible and hope the post could be helpful in case you could be looking for natural hair care products to help to look after hair a lot too ! 🌸 one of the natural beauty care products is a hair conditioner, called 'retread' conditioner and another is a light pink and creamy hair protector for styling with heat, called 'shield' and a free gift sample for a pink grapefruit shower gel, called 'happy hippy' was also included in the parcel.

A hair moisturiser by lush

wishing you a happy saturday πŸ•Š here is a post to share a bit about a hair moisturiser by lush, a beautiful natural beauty care and skin care brand who create hand made (and a lot of vegan) beauty care products with fresh ingredients and eco friendly packaging. i bought a hair moisturiser by lush called the r and b moisturiser just a week or two ago to help to look after and keep my hair as nourished as possible as it is quite long (and light to medium brown and wavy) and although i sometimes use a natural oil just in the tips of my hair to help to keep it moisturised, i didn't have a nourishing and leave in kind of moisturising product made especially for hair, with natural ingredients. i hope the post could be helpful in case you could love the lush brand and lush products a lot too, or could be looking for a hair moisturiser too to help to look after hair as much as possible.

A natural conditioner by Earthwise

I have been using a natural hair conditioner by Earthwise, a natural and eco friendly brand who are based in New Zealand, and who make gentle and natural body care and cleaning products. The conditioner is called the Nourish Revitalise natural Conditioner and comes in a white package, and I enjoy using the conditioner a lot. I have also tried a couple more of the shampoos, conditioners and soaps by Earthwise too, and we often buy Earthwise cleaning products to use at home as they are gentle, natural and safe, and help to care for the environment πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ

Lavender oil

I have been using lavender oil for a couple of years, both in the bath with epsom bath salts, in a lavender and honey face scrub and sometimes on my pulse points just before going to bed, to help to have a calm sleep. Lavender oil has a very nurturing and calming scent and lavender flowers are one of my favourite flowers πŸ•ŠπŸŒΈ there is a lavender farm quite close to where I am from and I enjoy going there a lot, and also hope to go to see the lavender fields in the countryside in Provence, France too.Β Here are a couple of beauty care tips, sharing a couple of ways you could use lavender oil to help to look after your skin.Β