a guest post three: simple ways to be kinder to yourself and your mind by lucy

hope you could be safe and ok and wishing you a happy tuesday 🕊🌸 here is a post to share a guest blog post three, written and created by lucy from 'eat move empower' (@eatmoveempower on instagram !) lucy's third guest piece post is called 'simple ways to be kinder to yourself and your mind' and in the post, she notes and describes a bit about 4 top ideas and care tips to help to be a little kinder and gentler to ourselves and our mind each day in our day to day life, to help to support our health and happiness and wellbeing as much as possible 🤗 as noted by lucy in the post, 'now more than ever i think it's time to be kind to ourselves and our minds' and 'we need ourselves as our best friend.' a summary note of the four ideas and care tips noted by lucy in the post, about how we could be as kind to ourselves and our minds as possible, include: take time for yourself, work with your breath, if it's not your day don't sweat it and go to bed early and thank you so much lucy for carefully writing up and creating amazing post and hope you could enjoy post a lot too !

Care tips for HSPs

Here is a post to share a couple of care tips for highly sensitive people (HSPs) I hope could be helpful in case you could be highly sensitive, an introvert, could sometimes suffer from anxiety too or could be hoping to look after yourself as much as possible 🕊 I am 26 years old and although I had a happy childhood and often feel comfy and confident in my 20s, I am also a highly sensitive person, quite shy and quite introverted and find practicing the care tips to be helpful in keeping calm as much as possible each day 🌸 a couple of the care tips include breathing, nourishing foods and hydration, a comfy sleep, being outside in nature, a kind of exercise you enjoy, being playful and happy and creating a careful kind of schedule you feel comfortable with !