October favourites

Here is a post to share a couple of early natural beauty care, skin care and other kinds of favourites for the month of October 🕊 a couple of the favourites I chose include a couple of natural lipsticks from the Body Shop, an organic coconut oil, the treasure yourself affirmations cards by Miranda Kerr, a plant based recipe for a hot chocolate with almond milk and a cotton and linen shirt jacket with a tie waist, from Country Road 🌸


A couple of sleep care tips

Here are a couple of care tips for a comfortable and peaceful sleep 🕊🌸 I used to wake up in the night a lot, or take a while before falling asleep and hope the sleep care tips could be helpful in case you are hoping to have a peaceful sleep. A couple of the tips include taking a warm bath or shower in the evening if you can, reading a book, watching a nice movie or listening to music you enjoy, making a gentle cup of tea, herbal tea or hot chocolate, using lavender oil or essential oils and remembering a kind affirmation or a couple of things which you feel grateful for.

A hot chocolate recipe by Deliciously Ella

Here is a recipe for a plant based hot chocolate by Deliciously Ella 🌸 the recipe is from Ella's book Deliciously Ella Every Day and only has a couple of plant based ingredients you could hopefully find at your local shop or supermarket. The hot chocolate drink has a beautiful flavour and feels so nourishing and warming to make on a cold day. 

Keeping warm in the autumn

As the autumn has come in New Zealand (where I am from) and the leaves on the trees have started to change colour turning light brown and to gently fall, the temperatures are also a bit cooler and there are often frosts in the morning. Here are a couple of ways to help to stay a bit warmer in the cooler autumn weather ✨