Natural beauty care favourites of 2018

Here is a post to share and note a bit about a couple of natural beauty care and skin care favourites of 2018 🕊 although I enjoyed trying a lot of different natural, organic and eco friendly beauty care and skin care products in 2018, I just chose 6 products I enjoyed a lot, use as often as possible and found to be gentle and helpful on my body and for sensitive skin 🌸 a couple of the favourites include a rose quartz luminizer and a rose quartz heart by KORA Organics, a very gentle restoring oil and a rosehip cleansing oil by Trilogy Products, organic maca powder and eco friendly body care by everkind. I hope noting the products could be helpful in case you could be hoping to try a couple of natural beauty care or skin care products too.

November favourites

Here is a post to share a couple of natural beauty care, skin care and other kinds of favourites for the month of November 🕊 one of the favourites includes a recipe for strawberries and banana with honey and almonds; it is early summer here in NZ (where I am from) and we just bought a first punnet of strawberries from our local fruit and veggie shop a couple of weeks ago 🌸 a couple more favourites for the month of November include the KORA Organics rose quartz heart facial sculptor, a couple of natural beauty care ideas with lavender flowers, an organic maca powder and a couple of light blue cotton tops.

Organic maca powder, a superfood

I just bought an organic maca root powder supplement from a health shop who are based in NZ a couple of days ago, and just began trying the maca powder supplement 🕊 the organic maca powder is by BioBalance, and I had not tried a maca powder supplement before, although it is noted to be a superfood and to help to support a positive uplift in energy, and a lot of other benefits your body, health and wellbeing 🌸 a couple of the benefits of maca powder are noted to include hormonal balance, energy and vitality and a healthy immune system, and I will also write a second blog post in a couple of weeks to help to describe any positive changes, in case it could be helpful.