A couple of eyeshadows

Here is a post to share and note a bit about just a couple of eyeshadows I often use, which are both light and twinkling 🕊 one of the eyeshadows is by Lancome Paris, and is a pretty light blue colour, with some lavender and a silver shimmer ! a second eyeshadow I often use is the KORA Organics (@koraorganics) rose quartz luminizer, a soft pink organic highlighter I often apply just on my brow bones 🕊 I hope noting the eyeshadows could be helpful in case you love twinkling eyeshadows a lot too, or could be hoping to find an eyeshadow to try.


A mascara from the Body Shop

I just opened a new mascara from the Body Shop called the lash hero mascara in the colour 01 (madagascar onyx), as the one I am currently using has almost run out. I bought the mascara just after my birthday last year with a voucher my mum kindly gave me and had not tried the lash hero mascara from the Body Shop before. The mascara has a light and feathery wand, which really helps to separate the lashes when applying the mascara, has a beautiful and neutral scent and helps to lengthen the lashes.