a Q and a post with denny

wishing you a happy wednesday and hope you could be safe and ok πŸ•Šβ˜ΊοΈβœ¨ here is a post to share a Q and a with denny (@needyedie.co) a friend from instagram who also loves natural beauty care and kora organics a lot too and has a beautiful page where she often shares a lot of flowers posts, positive quotes and posts about kora organics with miranda kerr and posts with audrey hepburn a lot too ! denny is a mum of two (a boy and a baby girl) and kindly said it could be ok to share a couple of answers about nature, inspiration, favourite things, kora organics, care tips and more for a Q and a post and in the post are a couple of answers by her about: her love for mother nature and the natural world, a couple of her favourite female inspirational figures (including miranda kerr and audrey hepburn), a couple of her favourite self care and wellbeing tips and favourite products from kora organics (@koraorganics) by miranda kerr, a couple of her favourite natural beauty care and skin care products and favourite quotes and ideas and thank you so much denny for carefully sharing all answers for post and i appreciate it a lot and hope you could enjoy post !

a Q and a with natasha

wishing you a happy saturday πŸ•Š here is a post to share a Q and a with natasha, who is from australia and founded a natural make up brand called outback eve (@outbackeve) ! a couple of natural make up products natasha creates for outback eve include lipsticks in a number of different colours, mineral powder foundation, a skin care serum, a natural mascara and more and all of the products are made with as many carefully sourced natural and organic ingredients as possible to help to be gentle on skin 🌸 in the post, natasha shares a bit about how she was inspired to create outback eve and how she chose the name outback eve, a bit about her natural lipsticks and how she was inspired to create them, a couple of outback eve products she could recommend for some one who could be just beginning to try natural beauty care and natural make up, a couple of helpful care tips, a couple of her favourite things and places which inspire her a lot and one of her favourite quotes.