KORA Organics noni bright vitamin C serum

Here is a post to share and note a bit about the new noni bright vitamin C serum by KORA Organics by miranda kerr, which just launched just a couple of weeks ago πŸ•Š i just made an order for a couple of natural beauty care and skin care products from KORA Organics about one week ago, including a second rose quartz luminizer as the one I often use each day at home is just about run out, a couple of hand creams (including one for a birthday gift), a couple of exfoliation cleansing creams and a heart essence (an organic oil and essential oil aromatherapy blend) (a couple more blog posts about the natural skin care products noted coming soon ☺️) a choice of a free sample was included with the order and i chose a free sample of the noni bright vitamin C serum as i had been hoping a lot to try the vitamin C serum.