A veggie pizza recipe

Here is a recipe for a veggie pizza I often make for our family for dinner, and made for lunch just a couple of days ago 🕊🌸 the pizza dough is made in our bread maker and the pizza is made with mostly plant based ingredients you could hopefully find in your garden or at your local fruit and veggie market or shop, and you could also change the cheese to a plant based cheese in case you are hoping for the recipe to be plant based 🌸 a couple of the ingredients included on the pizza include a simple home made tomato sauce, red bell pepper, cheese and fresh herbs from the garden, and you could also include any different kinds of ingredients you enjoy, including courgettes, lean protein, rocket, olives, capers, sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and more.

Veggie pasta with almonds

Here is a healthy recipe for a veggie pasta made with almonds, feta and fresh parsley I created to make for dinner yesterday. The recipe is made with roasted vegetables, including sweet potatoes (kumara) and pumpkin, olive oil, fresh herbs, onion, garlic, fresh spinach, pasta, almonds, feta cheese and fresh parsley and you could hopefully find the ingredients for the recipe in your garden or at your local shop or fruit and veggie market 🕊🌸 you could also change the feta cheese to a plant based cheese, in case you are hoping for the recipe to be plant based 🌸 the recipe is also quite quick to make, has a lot of nutrients, and just uses a baking tray, a medium pan and a pot.